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  • Internationally Certified Mediation and Arbitration Services - Business - Personal - Divorce - Agreements - Amendments - Simple Wills - Amendments to Support or Other Orders - Custody, etc.
  • New Jersey Public Notary - Mobile Unit
  • Small Business Development Services - startup support, branding, marketing...
  • Photography plus Social Media Site "look and feel" support
  •  Document Services - Completion, Design, Contracts, other office support functions, resumes, just ask.
  • ESL - English as a Second Language American English accent and clarity.
  • Professional Resources and Referrals 
Mediation Services

Everybody gets into situations and needs advice.

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Ask a Rutgers Certified Mediator
Consultation Fee is $100.  $50./$50.

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Student & Veteran Discounts

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Text to Schedule & discuss +1-908-403-5739
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JulieM. Grimal cpma, carcs l,ll.


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Welcome & Thank You for investigating my site.

I invite you to send me a text or email with your questions and concerns.

I may contact you momentarily or within 24 hours as I handle each of my clients personally.

If you are interested in Mediation Services, kindly INCLUDE your and the other party's Contact Information so that I may contact you both uniformly. It is my function to remain impartial while maintaining transparency throughout the proceedings conducted for my clients.


I look forward to hearing more about what I can help you to accomplish without breaking the bank. Payment options are available for all budgets.

Looking forward,

 ~ Julie M. Grimal cpma, carcs l,ll. 

Please text +1-908-403-5739

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Mediation 101

Mediation is a confidential, nonbinding process in which a mediator facilitates communication between two parties in an effort to find a mutually acceptable solution.  I am Professionally Certified and will submit your documents to the Courts on your behalf; Contracts, Divorce, Amendments and other, deeming them Legal in the Court of Law.

How It’s Different From Arbitration

Unlike an arbitrator, the mediator is not the decision-maker and does not resolve the dispute — but rather facilitates communication so the parties can reach a resolution that works for both of them.

Instances Where Mediation May Be Used

Mediation is especially useful when opposing parties have a relationship they want to preserve. During disputes with family members, neighbors, or business partners, a mediator can help clear the air and lead the conversation in a constructive manner in order to reach an amicable solution.

What Do Mediators Do?

According to the ABA, a mediator is an impartial, neutral intermediary who helps participants see where they are getting hung up, explores what everyone’s needs are, and facilitates communication so that the parties might be able to get in agreement.

Since I work with both parties, I will guide you through the process, allowing each their input and suggestions while maintaining as stress-free and amicable a process as possible as mutual agreements are reached.

Contact me today, I have answers for you.   

~ Julie M. Grimal cpma, carcs l,ll.


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