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Behavioral Arts

Enjoy private confidential healing conversations on topics of your choosing.

 A safe place to say it like it feels, and investigate new options for personal development and self-care activities and adventures.  You deserve time and effort to be spent on you!

I look forward to your connecting with me.

~ Julie

Here you will find support for:
Al-anon and12-Step 
Personal growth & development
Inner child 
Other - Let's talk, text, chat, email,...whatever works for you.
- Insurance not Accepted for purposes of Confidentiality.
Payment options are available. 
It's time to Love and Invest in Yourself.
I look forward to meeting and supporting you in your every achievement.
~  Julie

I offer Private, Individual Support Counseling. Contact me; text to begin our conversations to self-discovery along your own private journey because it won't
 improve until you find do-able options. 

Resources and Interests for all ages and goal types.
Fun and laughter no extra charge.

Book Ahead to lock in your best days/times.
Multiple Sessions Discounts ~ ask. 

Text me to schedule/general Qs.  

In-person, phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom
PayPal -
Zelle 908-403-5730

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I Thank You for your offering, in advance of Your Sessions.

    ​   💜 ​Julie M Grimal cpma, carcs I,II

     ​       Private Support Counselor | Abuse, Grief, Recovery, ​Depression

     ❣️ +1-908-403-5739



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All that you've gone through
was preparation for the persons
you were born to be.   ~
JMG         2022

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"Each of us are responsible for our own mental health so perhaps it is time for you to answer your internal calling for personal exploration, discovery, and development. You are where you are supposed to be, <here!> so enjoy finding out the unique options that are available to you for personal Self-care and maintenance.

You are not alone, get excited,  take action.

I await your call."   

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  What to Expect?

All Sessions, Support Counseling and/or Readings start with conversation, Q&As, and mutual Assessments. My interest is to provide individuals with support to gain skills for maintaining the level of personal well-being that each desires, in truth and creativity. 

As a Psychic Medium for over 25 years, I use tools including a pendulum, Tarot and Oracle cards to relay messages from your Spirit guides and/or guardian Angels. 

A Full General Reading will show You where you are, influences and where you are going next, plus a final outcome for the near future. Spirit provides answers, clarity and direction exclusively for You. 

 I look forward to seeing what messages your personal g.Angels are waiting to share with You.


I look forward to hearing your interests for Your personal wellness journey. I would be delighted to hear your story. 

Change happens
with greater

    is healing.

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Behavioral Arts NeuroGraphia Exercise

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Contact Me

Ms. Julie is a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend, Psychic, Business Owner, and life Student of Wellness and Mental health; abuses, recovery, depression, grief, trauma... Yours or someone you care about. When you need a listener, problem solver, Mediator, Spiritual Advisor, or Behavioral Arts Advisor with over +25 yrs. experience, see Credentials here. 

Most people feel readily comfortable with Julie as she naturally shares her wisdom with earnestness, joy, and humor. Julie is not a licensed doctor however, she applies her ongoing education and experience to the collective of her successes. 

Please do not delay calling the Suicide Hotline - Dial 988 as needed.

For All Other Emergencies Dial 911 or Contact your local licensed Physician immediately. Breathe and communicate your needs.

Text to schedule +1-908-908-403-5739 

or email 

New adventures in your life await you. Don't hesitate any longer!

Or just contact me anyway. Either way, I look forward to our call.

Want to improve your looks? 
Reframe your thoughts. 😉 ~JMG

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Love is the Answer ~ Seek it.

 ~ Julie

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Behavioral Arts - NeuroGraphia Exercise

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You count more than you know.  

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