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The Psychic Realm


PSYCHIC Readings - private ~ groups ~ events


  • Extended Psychic Reading from $80. to 45 mins. plus

  • Full General Reading (Regulars prefer) $60. to 40 mins.

  • Clarifier - a follow-up call or to clarify only $40. to 20 mins

  • Psychic for Breakfast - $50. for two on yur end, to 50 mins.

  • Enlightenment Sessions or Retreat - Extensive Personalized Wellness and Ascension Experience with Psychic, Modalities and Topics; Courses, Guided Meditation, Reiki,  and Other magically personalized routines and Healing modality options. It's all about Your personal Self-care & Self-love. Fees TBD. Let's chat. 

  • Virtual and/or on Location

  • Options to be discussed. Call or Text me directly 


Let's talk soon, call  or TEXT NOW to  schedule a Reading today.

Click to Text your interest and availability.

Readings Spiritual Support / Advice/ Ask Pendulum

By TEXT or Email

  • 1 Question [Send Backstory + Q = short convo.] $10. 

  • Mini Reading - Email/Text [Send Backstory + Qs]  $30. 

  • General Reading by Email [Introduce yourself, DOB] $60.

  • Numerology Reports - Love, Career & more ~ $80. and up.

  • Property Spirit Cleansing/Smudging ~ TBD

  • Private Events and Group Readings ​​~ Let's talk!

Personal or Group Guided Meditations ​​~ Let's talk!


                       All Questions Welcome - Text me!

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I channel messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides

Pay before your

Spirit Guided Pendulum & Herbal Tarot & Oracle Decks,
Crystals, Stones and more...
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All people, topics & questions welcome. Behave & have fun!
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Let's connect! 

Full Story
  What to Expect?

As a Psychic Medium for over 25 years, I use tools including a pendulum, Tarot and Oracle cards to relay messages from your Spirit guides and/or guardian Angels. 

A Full General Reading will show You where you are, influences and where you are going next, plus a final outcome for the near future. Spirit provides answers, clarity and direction exclusively for You. 

 I look forward to seeing what messages your personal g.Angels are waiting to share with You.


I look forward to hearing your interests for Your personal wellness journey. I would be delighted to hear your story. 

My Psychic Journey

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  • Born Julie Marie G. in the 60's. I have always loved nature, sky watching, had inner visions, enjoy studying many things holistic, metaphysical, self-help, art, nature, supernatural, human dynamics, ancient and traditional therapies and whatever stirs my senses and curiosities. I remain an active academic (life student) today.

  • In the early 1990s, I purchased my Herbal Tarot Deck and enjoy intuitively Reading Tarot and natural Mediumship development is exciting to say the least. I invoke other Tarot and Oracle decks, crystals, and enjoy herbology, and gardening.

  • In the early 2000s, I began reading Tarot for an amazing online Psychic network, as Psychic Jewels Gardener, earning the Master Advisor over nearly 13 years. 

  • 2022 my Spirit-guided Pendulum and I, provide clarity, direction, and stress reduction while inspiring inner strength, peace and guidance for amazing people like you.

  • Everyone and all questions are welcome. 

  • All Readings and info. you provide are 100% Confidential. 💖

JMG 2021©️ All Rights Reserved USA 


Thank you for sharing your blessings, comments and experiences.

Much Love to you all,  

        ~ Julie M. Grimal   AKA PsychicJewelsG



11:11 PARTY

"Jewel was so great! We had a bestie pagan witch night and she came into the zoom call in full witch hat to join the fun. Her readings were spot on and informative with no cold reading vibes. She's the real deal and powerful. We'll all be calling on her again! -Danielle Gauthier 


"I have chills right now... for about 2 years until her death my sister and I didn’t have a good relationship so we didn’t keep in contact at all. last June she had wrote me a letter when she was in her rehab program but the letter got mixed in with the junk mail and I never received it. she stopped writing to me since I never sent her a letter back, she thought I must’ve still been mad at her, but she didn’t know I never received it. I just now found and read the letter and it basically says everything that you had told me about her on the phone...chills...Maria" Text May 21, 2022, 6:53 PM

Amanda HealingPsychic

"I absolutely love working with Jewels! Her readings help me feel confident and also help me know where I can improve. Her intuition is spot on and she gives me great advice. She has such a kindness about her and I know she genuinely cares about me and my healing. She is a brillant healer; highly recommend! 💖" - Amanda M. N. - Psychic

Sunita Spiritualist

"💛 Jewel is "someone who is real authentic and does not give false hope but delivers in a way to also find a way and helps you thru the process. It’s real care and concern and not money which unfortunately most have it on their mind. You finally realize you are in safe hands who will not only tell you truth but also will help thru the process and not just leave you high & dry. She will become your soul family if you are really looking how to move forward with real success and stability”.

With prayers, Sincerely yours, Suneeta/Thyme." Spiritualist Text Sept 23, 2022, 12:24 PM

❤️ Thank You All ❤️


You ❤️

Future Space
Brave Hearts

Jewel allowed me the knowing, through her mediumship, that my family who has passed over, are in fact still loving, protecting, guiding me and so much more. So many miracles.🤯 🙏🏻✨

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